With the new Boutique collection, an attempt has been made to address the current trend for amp emulations as well as the plethora of expressive albeit expensive, classic pedals. Just because this FX module is 28 years old in it’s technology doesn't mean it in itself is not capable of the same sonic impact!


AS the ME-5 contains no less than eight classic BOSS standalone pedals - CS-2, DS-1, OD-2, RV-3, EQ-1, CE-1, DD-2, BF-2 – which are themselves ‘vintage’ and classics in their own right! SO why shouldn’t it sound good?


The following tips are included in the supplied CD set.


111 – A mid level ‘Rocking’ tone to get proceedings started. Pick dynamics strengthens or lessens the degree of ‘edge’


113 – With Single coils and a clean amp, you will hear some of the dynamics of a Fender Blackface Reverb amp ‘just’ going over the edge


114 – Ok so this is just for fun! A patch for the end of a set. Simply: engage-and-walk-off-stage!


122 – Back-off your guitar tone and volume and switch to a fat neck pickup and try a few jazz chords for a change!


132 – Early Marshall JTM45 territory. Reduce your guitar tone slightly and ‘dig-in’ and don’t be shy!


133 – A cleaner Univibe sound – reducing picking strength allows for more sparkle


211 – A clean compressed setting to add dynamics and more mid boost to a clean Tone


212 – Famous big Fender Tweed dynamics – Bold and Brown!


222 – A sound akin to the first ‘Tone Boost’ pedal from the late 60’s – The Famous RangeMaster, first beloved by Clapton and Page and then anyone who could get hold of one!


331 – Double this with an additional, external Delay and ‘U2’ will be close…


Don't worry f you do not have access to a PC or MAC running CUBASE or other DAW, you can use the included Windows Based SYSEX loader on the disc or you can manually input the settings from the included 2 Parameters Charts. 





A copy of BOTH the ME-5 User Manual AND the hard to find SERVICE NOTES are also included in upgrade set  - in pdf format.



So succseful has the BOSS ME-5 Tone Set Upgrades been that other manufacturers have copied the idea and concept! TC Electronics are rapidly expanding their Hall  of Fame series, but unlike their regime, you only need the one ME-5 pedal to access an entire 64 sound set!